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Jul 2018

10 Tips to Help Parents Survive Their Child’s Hospital Stay

Published in Tips on July 30, 2018

Any parent who has suffered through a child’s hospital stay knows that this is one of the most difficult things in life to endure. No matter how serious the illness or disease, there is always cause for concern. Thanks to the advances in modern medicine and a totally new way of approaching paediatric healthcare, parents can find better ways of coping with the stress.One mother...

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May 2018

Top Tips for a Safe Stay at the Hospital

Published in Tips on May 17, 2018

Going to hospital can be a worrying time for everyone but knowing what you need and what to do beforehand and during can help you feel more in control of your visit and ensure you stay safe whilst getting the best care. These tips will help you with your next hospital stay, whether it is planned or unplanned to make sure you won’t have another one soon.Get Your Medical Informat...

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