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Feb 2020

Second Queensland Coronavirus Case Takes National Toll to Nine

Published in News on February 03, 2020

As of the moment, there are 9 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Australia. The ninth person that was recently diagnosed is identified to be a 42-year-old female Chinese national from Wuhan. She was part of the tour group wherein another 44-year-old patient, who was diagnosed yesterday in Queensland, also belonged. Queensland’s Health Department stated that th...

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Jan 2020

Lang Walker gives $26m to Western Sydney University

Published in News on January 31, 2020

Lang Walker, who is a businessman, donated a whopping $26 million to Western Sydney University. This generous financial sponsorship from Walker is intended for the construction of a professorship at one of WSU’s buildings and a medical center at Campbelltown Hospital. This is in line with the university’s efforts in joining an infrastructure surge which includes met...

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Jan 2020

Getting Back into Action After an Operation

Published in General on January 14, 2020

  Post-operative recovery varies from person to person. A few lucky ones can get right back into their normal routines, others, unfortunately, may take more time before they can do such. A person’s mental state, lifestyle, general health before the operation, and post-operative care are some of the factors which can directly affect how fast he/she can fully re...

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Jan 2020

$2B Plea As The Alfred Starts To Crumble

Published in General on January 09, 2020

One of the main trauma centers in Melbourne is in dire need of renovation which costs over $2 billion to fix flooded wards, damaged walls, and cracked roofs. The Alfred Hospital attends to over 1500 Victorians annually who are in critical condition. The senior doctors of this facility have been urging the state government to fix its deteriorated and unmaintained buildin...

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Jan 2020

How To Be A Good Hospital Visitor

Published in General on January 06, 2020

Getting admitted to hospital due to a physical illness can do more harm than good on the mental health of the patient. Hours can seem longer than it is when your movement is restricted and when you have to stare at the same four walls. More than just boredom, it can trigger depression and anxiety to some. This is why seeing familiar faces can ease patients because it helps them...

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Jan 2020

Patient's Waitlist Agony

Published in General on January 02, 2020

    Due to huge cuts in government-funded surgeries, state hospitals are compelled to extend its waiting lists for patients who are ought to be operated. This cost-cutting action will affect more than 20,000 sick Victorians. Lists are expected to grow by 43% in main hospitals alone. 40,754 patients from those healthcare facilities will have to extend their patie...

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