May 2018

Strength Through Movement: Physical Therapy and Its Impact on Mesothelioma Patients

Published in General on May 17, 2018

Dealing with mesothelioma on a daily basis is tough for patients. Shortness of breath causes these patients to perform fewer tasks in a given day. Both responsibilities and fun become arduous chores that are better off ignored. With National Women's Health Week approaching, struggling with this chronic condition shouldn't be the norm. There is an option in physical therapy. Learn how a cancer diagnosis and physical therapy can come together to relieve countless symptoms. 

Defining Physical Therapy 

When patients go to their general practitioner, they receive advice and prescriptions that center around a sedentary lifestyle. Rest is the cornerstone of the medical community's advice when it comes to cancer recovery. Physical therapy, however, is entirely different. 

A physical therapist suggests movements that can be performed at home and in his or her office. These exercises are designed to bring comfort and strength to the patient. This type of treatment was often reserved for patients recovering from accidents in the past. However, treating chronic diseases is now a major part of this practice. Patients report that they feel more comfortable with their bodies as they go about their daily lives. 

Daily Issues for Mesothelioma Patients 

Cancer patients deal with many symptoms that stem from both the ailment and treatment. Fatigue, nausea, difficulty breathing and pain are just a handful of symptoms associated with mesothelioma. It's a fact that physical therapy is good for the body

The cancer may bring on both physical and mental struggles, but PT creates positive sensations across the entire body. Daily issues that are still present can be muted. A feeling of immobility, coughing and chest pains may be drowned out by strong muscles and an enhanced will to survive. 

The Benefits of Physical Therapy 

One treatment being an answer for almost every symptom caused by mesothelioma sounds like a miracle. Many patients may be skeptical. There are proven results, however, that make a stark difference in most patients' lives. 

1. Overall Physical Fitness Enhancement 

PT doesn't just focus on the chest for mesothelioma patients. The therapist works on the entire body. A whole-person approach is designed to strengthen every body system. Strong muscles equate to better breathing around the core. Researchers have found that patients who're physically active to any degree will see a better recovery as a result. 

2. Good Mood 

With every movement comes hormonal rushes to the tissues. You'll feel better on a mental level, which translates to the body. 

3. Reduced Fatigue 

By using the muscles during PT, patients feel more energy coursing through their bodies. Feeling tired all the time isn't part of their day. 

4. Breathing Deeply 

Working the heart and lungs means that they'll function better than ever. Breathing deeply will be possible. 

5. Fewer Treatment Side Effects 

Chemotherapy and radiation side effects can feel worse than the cancer itself. PT reduces the ill effects so that patients can recover in a more comfortable state. 

6. Mobility Improvements 

Less pain with each movement means that patients can perform basic tasks for themselves. Independence is always desired in recovering patients. 

There are many more cancer survivors today than at any other time in history. National Women's Health Week reminds the world that treating the whole person is necessary to fight off these ailments. Let physical therapy guide the patients through difficulties so that they can emerge victorious against mesothelioma and other diagnoses.