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Apr 2022

5 Apartment Modifications For Disabled People

Published in General on April 11, 2022

Daily tasks such as climbing stairs or taking a shower are some activities that non-disabled people don’t usually have problems with. However, for persons with specific disabilities, these actions can be perceived as daunting.  Older people are more susceptible to sustaining injuries from a poorly structured home environment. In addition, other vulnerable individu...

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Feb 2022

$30 million Victorian Travel Voucher Scheme announced to encourage more people to holiday in the state.

Published in News on February 22, 2022

The Victorian government has announced a $200 million stimulus package to support the state’s economic recovery as the Omicron COVID-19 wave eases. Minister for Industry Support and Recovery Martin Pakula on Monday announced the funding, which includes voucher schemes to entice people to spend on dining, entertainment and travel within the state. “We think thi...

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Feb 2022

'The wait is over': Australia welcomes international tourists as borders reopen

Published in News on February 21, 2022

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has declared that the "wait is over" ahead of tomorrow's reopening of Australia's international borders. Speaking at Melbourne Airport on Sunday morning, Morrison defended the country's very tight border restrictions over the past two years and said that because Australians "have done the hard yards" the country c...

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May 2021

How Hospitals Approach Care For the Elderly

Published in General on May 17, 2021

Caring for the elderly is a sophisticated and precise science that requires medical knowledge, immaculate clinical skills, and an empathetic, humble attitude. With increasing age, people are more likely to get hospitalized for a whole gamut of conditions and because of their age, hospitalization becomes a very stressful experience. This is especially true when they’re...

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Jan 2021

Things You Should Know When You Get Hospitalized Due to COVID-19

Published in General on January 28, 2021

There are almost 97 million cases of COVID-19 globally, with over two million deaths. Countless hospitals in the world are struggling with managing the ongoing rise of people being hospitalized due to the virus. Countries commended for how they controlled the virus also experienced this problem. When you are positive with coronavirus, regardless if asymptomatic or not, you&r...

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Nov 2020

State Government Budget Announcement: Victorian hospitals and local healthcare services have been the backbone in our response to the pandemic

Published in General on November 26, 2020

Our hospitals and local healthcare services have been the backbone in our State’s response to the pandemic. We want to help keep them strong, investing a further $2 billion to build new hospitals and upgrading existing ones. This includes: Warrnambool Base Hospital redevelopment $384 million to commence the first stage of the Warrnambool Base...

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Nov 2020

Accommodation and travel to Whyalla Hospital

Published in General on November 11, 2020

Accommodation Whyalla Hospital and Health Service has low cost, on-site self-contained unit accommodation available for patients and carers who live outside of Whyalla requiring access to hospital services. The units cost $30 per night and include cooking facilities, television, air conditioning, a single bedroom with double bed, bathroom and a sofa which can be fold...

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Nov 2020

Your child's hospital stay at The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH)

Published in General on November 09, 2020

A visit to hospital can be frightening for a person of any age, but especially for children. The following information will give you some ideas to help you and your child before, during and after their visit to The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH), and will help you know what to expect. Before you come to hospital Getting organised Find out all the info...

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Nov 2020

Art deco heritage pub to transform into hotel for nurses visiting Melbourne

Published in General on November 06, 2020

An Art Deco heritage pub in Melbourne, will be the site of a new eight storey hotel which will provide short-term accommodation for nurses visiting Melbourne for conferences, training and meetings. The purpose of the redevelopment will be to accommodate interstate and international nurses for short visits to conferences and professional development in Melbourne. About a th...

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Oct 2020

What's It Like to Stay in Hospital?

Published in General on October 30, 2020

Thinking about an upcoming hospital stay can make people feel a little worried. But if you need to go to the hospital, knowing what to expect before you get there can make things a little easier. Why Do People Go to the Hospital? People need to go to the hospital for different reasons. Some may be admitted to the hospital through the emergency department for pro...

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