Nov 2018

Countries where you really don’t want to end up in hospital

Published in News on November 19, 2018

Getting sick or injured during a vacation away from home can always ruin a holiday, but some of the hospital bills in these Countries will cost you thousands.

When you get sick at home it’s bad enough, but you usually don’t have to worry about receiving a vicious hospital bill that could leave you scrambling on your next paycheque.

There are a couple of places you should be warned of before you visit, as a one night stay at the hospital could cost you over £2500.

Analysis done by the World Health Organization (WHO) saw that Monaco is the number one vacation destination that you’re going to have to put out the most money in the case of a hospital visit.

Staying the night in a hospital in Monaco without insurance can set you back over £2500! Luxembourg and Norway follow at a distant second and third, with £1300 and £1000 respectively.

Bessie Hassan is a travel insurance expert at finder.com.au and said that even though you are paying top dollar for these visits, it is far from a five-star hotel.

“Three thousand dollars a night for overseas accommodation may sound like a luxury hotel, but in some places, that’s the cost of a stay in hospital,” she said. 

“Trips overseas are already expensive without adding the cost of a hospital stay into the mix.”


There are protocols you absolutely need to follow before you go on vacation, not just to one of these Countries but in general. You should always remind yourself to get travellers insurance, even if the price feels like an unnecessary expense. With the average in traveller’s insurance price being just around £22 for the whole week, you do not want to leave home without it.

Ms. Hassen recognises that anything can go wrong when you’re far away from home, and you would much rather be covered then worrying about how much your stay is going to cost you in the long run.

“In most cases travel insurance with medical cover is far cheaper than what you’d have to fork out for a hospital stay overseas,” she said.

“You never know what can go wrong when you’re travelling so it’s important to have cover in place to protect you if something does happen.”

There are however, some spots that won’t totally ruin your bank account if you happen to leave home without traveller insurance. Popular vacation spots in southeast Asia, such as Fiji and Thailand, have beds that average out to only around £22 a day.

In the end, traveller’s insurance through your provider is usually dirt cheap, as they realise it is a rare occurrence. You should check in and see what the rates are, because it’s an expense that you should always account for when travelling. £22 a week is a much better deal than having to pay out even the cheapest rate at £22 a day. Be safe and safe travels!