Oct 2018

Mona Vale Hospital Redevelopment

Published in News on October 03, 2018

This article summarizes the past and future development of the Mona Vale Hospital, a trusted name in healthcare and hospital services for more than five decades for the residents of Northern Beaches.

The campus will be changing in the near future, alongside the transfer of acute services to Northern Beaches Hospital. This is set to take place in late 2018, and is part of the strong monetary investment in the health and well being of the people of Northern Beaches.

During this transition, Mona Vale Hospital still plans to continue serving the community through services that are tangential to those being offered at other hospitals in the area, including Dalwood Children’s Services, Mona Vale and Brookvale Community Health Centres, and Northern Beaches Hospital.

At the same time, the Mona Vale Hospital will be updated to better serve the community. To refresh outdated facilities and less-than-ideal floor plans, the hospital is undergoing serious renovations focused on providing the best healthcare available.

These updates will include a palliative care ward and geriatric unit, both equipped to house 10 inpatients at a time. The new campus will also include a full-service Urgent Care Centre to ease burdened loads on emergency rooms and provide speedier service for non-emergent cases.

They will work part and parcel with three other facilities: the Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit, the Beachside Rehabilitation Unit, and the Mona Vale Community Health Centre. The overall goal is improved health for the Northern Beaches community at large, and these updates to the Mona Vale Hospital represent one of the most influential focuses on healthcare in our community in years. They will provide faster, better, and easier access for the most essential hospital services to our residents.